Tron Black

Tron Black

I'm a freedom advocate, entrepreneur, and crypto developer. I write about tech, work on various projects, and spend time experimenting with new technologies.

I'm currently President of the Ravencoin Foundation where we contribute to the advancement of the Ravencoin project.

Contact me if you'd like me to speak at your next Crypto or FinTech conference (virtual or live).

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Ravencoin is a platform for tracking your own assets. With assets connected to immutable meta-data about the asset, memos, messaging, low fees, and a great community.

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Ravencoin Foundation

A foundation that supports the open-source Ravencoin project by educating, monitoring, and supporting development of the core code, 2nd tier projects, and assisting others with using the Ravencoin asset platform.

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Blockchain Law Alliance

Education for the Crypto and Blockchain industry.

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Use the foundation address for anything Ravencoin related.